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Want to Eliminate Seed Bounce? Gyral - Making Air Diffusers Since 1990!

The Original Air Diffuser

Air Diffusers that really do work, taking up to 4 secondary hoses, diffusing all air out allowing seed a soft gravity fall to the sowing row, eliminating seed bounce.  Multi-Inlet Air Diffusers are available with 2, 3 and 4 secondary hose inlets.

When multiple secondary hoses are used in one seed row the air velocity is greatly increased, therefore seed bounce can become a problem in some circumstances.  This is even more prevalent when using a straight sowing boot.

Mounting posts for air diffusers are available for Gyral toolbars as well as other brand bars.

All of the air diffusers can be serviced by as little as one secondary hose, leaving the other inlets open (up to three), without effecting the efficiency of the diffuser.  This means that the diffusers can have spare inlets for changes in future farming practices.

It is recommended that poly pipe is used in conjunction with diffusers.  If not poly pipe a secondary hose that can hold it's own plane should be used.  As air finds the least line of resistance using secondary hose with bellies in it can lead to blockages.

Beware of Cheap Imatations!