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Press Wheels

Gyral Press Wheels can be ordered as an option on new Gyral Cultivators, purchased later or used on other brands of cultivators to Increase efficiency and improve plant establishment.  The Ag-Boss is designed to take in-frame press wheels, set close to the planting tyne where ever possible.  Multiple press wheels can be mounted on the back beam if required to suit particular circumstances.

All stub axles are removable for left and right orientation.  Hubs - Holden Bearings, Ford Studs and Ford Pattern.

Gyral is proud to announce another innovation in the effort to continually improve our product.  The Gyral Press Wheel Swivel Control Plate.

By Selecting the correct hole position and rotating the swivel control plate, this simple but effective design can customise your Gyral press wheels to any one of five positions shown.

The advantages include:

  • Prevents press wheels fouling the mainframe wheels when in either working or folded positions;
  • Stops press wheels fouling against adjacent press wheel in narrow tynes spaced machines; and
  • Provides great control of the press wheels giving accurate tyne following ability.  



Single Finger Harrow

The Single finger harrow can be fitted to the Press Wheel arm.  This allows for a Forward or Aft harrow positioning (as below). 

The purpose for this Finger is in some soil conditions extra soil flow is required by some customers over a seed row.  This can be achieved before pressing or just a little covering of loose soil after pressing.