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T200 Rigid Pull Series

Rigid Pull Folding Wing Tilthers

The T200 Series folding wing tilther has established itself as another reliable Gyral cultivator and is the result of our continual development in manufacturing broadacre tillage and planting equipment.  The robust 6-beam design, tyne layout and clean lines under frame are all features which combine to give the tilther very good trash handling ability and excellent weed control.

Our series T200 range of cultivators have 470mm (18.5") under frame clearance.  Relatively narrow tyne spacing and smaller points produce an ideal tilth and leaves the soil in excellent condition.  Our persistence in maintaining these specifications has been vindicated by the machines' performance in the field.

Tyne Design:

The Gyral Tyne has a reputation of "being able to dig".  Our tyne development started in the early 1960's in clay based soils.  The latest tyne designs show's the benefit of this earlier work.

There are 3 options with the T200 Series Cultivators:

  1. 25mm Square Tyne - 145lbf break-out.
  2. 30mm Round Solid Tyne - 180lbf break-out.
  3. 25mm Square Adjustable Straight Tyne - 145lbf or 180lbf break-out.

The adjustable tyne option is available for planting wider rows or to sow behind wheel tracks.

All tynes have replaceable harden pivot pins and bushes that will ensure long life of all tyne components.

The back beam of the tilther is uncluttered to allow press wheels and harrows to be easily fixed as required.

1960 Tynes

T220 tilther with a SK Seeder and White Planter Boxes on Parallograms - for Row Cropping.

Folding Mechanism:

The T200 Series is hydraulically folded which allows ease of transport from paddock to paddock.  Its folding mechanism uses a wing hinge design that allows for a high degree of flexibility in following the land contour.

All models 12.00m (39'4") and over are fitted with twin folding cylinders on the main frame.  The stable controlled fold mechanism is one of the many features of this T200 Series.

Available in Single and Double Fold configuration depending on width of machine

Pull Versatility:

The pull yoke design features a sturdy seeder trailer attachment.  The pull arms pivot on heavy duty vertical pins attached to the main frame.  Both our within the pull seeder models easily connect into the pull assembly.

A shorter pull option is available on tilthers up to 10.668m (35'0") wide.  Our mounted seeder models are designed to attach to this assembly.

A rear tow pull attachment is available to connect both our Trailing Seeder models to the tilther.

Ground Clearance:

The depth wheels are located centrally within the frame.  This feature enables the cultivating depth to be easily controlled and allows the machine to closely follow the contour.

A high lift action gives easy access to the machine for maintenance and good clearance for moving around the farm.  Independent rephasing hydraulic cylinders ensure that the tilther lifts evenly across its width.