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T1200 Series

Sure Strike - Zero Till / Direct Drill

Since the early 1980's Gyral has been involved in the development of Zero Till or Direct Drill farming practices. This development has resulted in a purpose built machine with individual planter units using a coulter, tyne and press wheel configuration. It is Gyral's belief that the use of a deep fluted coulter gives a better tilth in a wider range of conditions. When coupled with the spear point and a pneumatic single rib press wheel, the resultant soil seed contact is excellent allowing for maximum seed germination.

This machine can also chase moisture allowing farmers to put the seed down in the moisture profile. Planting depths in excess of 150mm (6") is common.In late 2004 Gyral has reconfigured the T1200 Series Sure-Strike Direct Drill range to be a more "user friendly" machine.

Improvements include:

  • Improvements to the Accumulator allowing for more adjustment which enables a greater range of tyne pressures
  • A deeper frame design allows better trash flow
  • A new planter unit hydraulic cylinder position allows for a lower profile frame
  • The Planter Unit now utilities the strong and successful Penetrator Direct Drill Tyne. This gives great strength and a better range of ground engaging tools
  • Replaceable hardened bushes in the Hydraulic Cylinder mounts to ensure the risk of wear is eliminated in this area

Sizes range from:

  • 6.0m to 12.0m - 3 Section Fold
  • 16.0m to 18.0m - 5 Section Fold
  • 16.0m to 18.0m - End Tow (Non-Fold)

The Planter Unit includes a deep 2" fluted coulter and an easily serviced heavy duty hub. The tyne is the Penetrator - Adjustable Straight Direct Drill Tyne with a Accumulator controlling the break out up to 350lbs. The ground engaging tools options are the same as the Penetrator and include a detachable Adapter Spear Point and purpose designed sowing boot.

The press wheel comes with pneumatic rib tyre as standard, however other options are available including solid tyre or zero pressure. Dual walking axle press wheels on modified Holden hubs (Hubs - Holden Bearings, Ford Studs and Ford Pattern) can be used on the planter units (as pictured below). This allows the soil to be pressed in either side of the seed enabling the seed to germinate and push through loose soil. The side pressure on the seed bed still maintains good soil seed contact which is essential for good germination.

Want to watch the Sure Strike working - watch the video below