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T820 Series

Using over 20 years experience in Direct Drill design, Gyral has developed the T1400 and T820 Series Direct Drill Parallelogram machines.

Incorporating our proven deep fluted coulter, tyne and pneumatic single rib press wheel design onto a parallelogram planter unit has produced a machine that allows individual planter units to follow ground contour for better depth control and maximum soil seed contact.  The use of the deep fluted coulter gives a better tilth in a wider range of conditions.  Coupled with the pneumatic ribbed pressed wheel and spear point, soil seed contact is excellent allowing for maximum germination rates. Press Wheels use modified Holden hubs (Hubs - Holden Bearings, Ford Studs and Ford Pattern).

The coulter is independent of the planter unit and has a stump jump action.  The straight tyne assembly can be adjusted and depth control is done via a screw mechanism adjusting the press wheel.

T820 Series is a Three Point Linkage machine using Rear Lift assist wheels. Raised Bed Farming practices in the Southern States are where these machines have been used very successfully.