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T30 Ag Boss Scarifier

Ag-Boss Scarifier - Floating or Rigid Pull

The baby brother to the renowned Penetrator range

Versatile Scarifier - Direct Drill / Minimum Till

Built-in Strength for long lasting performance

Superior in-paddock floatation - for Direct Drill,

Controlled Traffic, Minimum Till or Conventional applications    

From Gyral - the company that introduced broadacre air seeders to world agriculture, comes yet another innovative farming implement - the AG-BOSS.

Designed from the ground up, the Ag-Boss is built to work hard in today's rapidly changing farming systems.

The Ag-Boss incorporates all the best features of our lighter cultivators/tilthers and the heavy duty primary tillage "Penetrator" scari-chisel.  This means that controlled traffic, direct drilling/minimum till tillage and conventional cultivation are all covered with one versatile implement.

The Concept

Gyral's Ag-Boss has been designed to be versatile and practical, it comes in a number of configurations and options, with the ability to be used in a range of seeding configurations.

  • The Ag-Boss suits a wide range of farming conditions and management practices.
  • Widths from 6.0m to 24.0m  (Conditions may apply)
  • Single Fold (3 Section) - up to and including 12.0m
  • Double Fold (5 Section) - from 10.0m to 24.0m
  • Non-Fold (5 Section) - from 20.0m to 24.0m (tyne spacing limitations apply)
  • Floating Pull or Rigid Pull (up to 12.0m)
  • Curved, Adjustable Multi-Function or Direct Drill Straight Tynes
  • Tyne Assembly mechanically spring loaded or adjustable hydraulic pressure controlled
  • Coulter incorporated with vertical direct drill tyne option
  • In frame or rear trailing press wheel options

The Design

Robust Construction.  Ag-Boss has unique, sleek, trussed lower profile frame that can accommodate four standard tyne spacings - 200mm, 250mm, 333mm and 400mm, in a four/five row configuration.

Constructed from 100mm x 100mm x 6mm RHS, the frame's bridge bracing not only provides a rigid structure but also permits continuity of all attachments on the bottom bars.  There is sufficient distance between bars to allow in-frame press wheels and coulters to be fitted.

The frame has been designed with controlled traffic farming in mind with front and rear wheel tracking each other.

The Hitch

Flexibility.  The Ag-Boss is designed with a conventional floating hitch as standard equipment.  This applies less weight to the tractor draw bar and allows for better floatation, contour following ability and less compaction.  Ideal for controlled traffic.

A rigid hitch option is available on models up to 12.00m (at this stage).


The Ag-Boss comes as a single fold (up to 12.00m), a double fold (up to 24.0m) or a non-folding machine.


Standard specifications. The Ag-Boss can be supplied with edge-on curved shaped or straight vertical tynes and either a mechanical spring or hydraulic jump mechanism.  Tyne break-outs range from 300 to 400lbs with either jump option.  The fully production-forged 50x20mm edge-on tynes shanks (straight and curved) are suitable for 43, double bolt sweeps (2x7/16" UNC bolts) and spear point options. Also available is a straight direct drill 50x20mm edge-on tyne suitable for use with our Independent Mounted Bolt-On Coulter Assembly or on its own.

Multi Function Curve Tyne

Multi-Function Curved Tyne

43 curved edge-on 50mm x 20mm factory forged shank with 2 x 7/16 bolt holes @ 1 3/4 & 2 1/4 centres

Specifications & Features

  • Beam:  100mm RHS
  • Tyne break-out 300-400 lbf
  • Spring and Hydraulic Jump
  • Multiple Point Options
  • 675mm (Sweep) & 750mm (Spear Point) - Underframe Clearance
  • Jump Height Approx 280mm



Straight Adjustable Tyne

Straight Adjustable Tyne

Option 1:  Multi-Function

43 edge-on 50mm x 20mm multi-function factory forged adjustable shank with 2 x 7/16 bolt holes @ 1 3/4 & 2 1/4 centres

Option 2:   Direct Drill

43 edge-on 50mm x 20mm direct drill adjustable shank

Specifications & Features

  • Beam:  100mm RHS
  • Tyne break-out 300-400 lbf
  • Spring and Hydraulic Jump
  • Multiple Point Options
  • Adjustable 85mm & down 15mm

Gyral Press Wheels

Increase efficiency and improve plant establishment.  The Ag-Boss is designed to take in-frame press wheels, set close to the planting tyne where ever possible.  Multiple press wheels can be mounted on the back beam if required to suit particular circumstances.

All stub axles are removable for left and right orientation.  Hubs - Holden Bearings, Ford Studs and Ford Pattern.

Gyral is proud to announce another innovation in the effort to continually improve our product.  The Gyral Press Wheel Swivel Control Plate.

By Selecting the correct hole position and rotating the swivel control plate, this simple but effective design can customise your Gyral press wheels to any one of five positions shown.

The advantages include:

  • Prevents press wheels fouling the mainframe wheels when in either working or folded positions;
  • Stops press wheels fouling against adjacent press wheel in narrow tynes spaced machines; and
  • Provides great control of the press wheels giving accurate tyne following ability.