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Fan & Cooler

Another Gyral First!

Gyral Implements was the first manufacturer to incorporate an oil cooler into our air seeder.

Gyral's Oil Cooler was first developed in the late 1970's to ensure tractor hydraulic systems ran cooler with the seeder operating than under normal cultivating conditions.  By drawing the fan intake through the hydraulic cooler, the air is dehumidified and it's temperature is raised significantly.  This results in the improved handling of materials such as urea, DAP, MAP and/or dusty fertilisers in humid and moist conditions. 

On all models the fan is powered via a direct coupled hydraulic motor.  There are two hydraulic options available:

  • Tractor Driven Hydraulic System - the tractors hydraulic system is used with a special return line fitted.  The seeder unit has a flow control valve, low pressure oil cooler and relief valve as standard equipment.  A high pressure filter is fitted to some models.
  • Closed Circuit System - This system includes an oil reservoir, P.T.O. pump, flow control and low pressure return filter.  Gyral hydraulic systems are simple, positive and trouble free.

The fan size required for each seeder depends on the configuration of both the cultivator and seeder.  Fan sizes in the Gyral range includes:

  • 55mm
  • 80mm
  • 115mm
  • 155mm