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Manure Spreader

When the manure is that much deeper you need a machine capable of spreading it out for you.  The Gyral Manure Spreader is designed just for that.  It will take big loads of manure and spreads them out in the paddock where they are needed.

Gyral have released two models, the MS080 and MS170, with a hopper capacity of 8.0m3 (9,000kg) and 17.0m3(17,000kg), respectively.  The twin vertical beaters at the rear of the machine are designed to handle wet or dry manure and provide a spreading width of up to 7m (depending on the product being spread).

The manure is delivered to the beaters by travelling chains over the treated hardwood floor.  The travelling chains are driven by a hydraulic motor to a reduction gearbox.  This enables variable speed, including reverse, and allows for the delivery mechanism to be turned off while turning around at the end of the row.  The spreaders also have a steel rear door fitted with hydraulic lift. 

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