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STR Rear Trailing

Continuing Gyral's Industry Leading Reliability, Versatility, Quality and Practicality.

Product Features

The STR Air Seeder incorporates the best of our earliest Air Seeder models as well as a large range of improvements and exciting new features.

  • Chassis - Gyral's seeder chassis to suit 2 and 3 bin machines are made from heavy duty structural channel.
  • Wheel Centres - Bolt-on Wheel Extensions and interchangeable front axle make it easy changing wheel centres for control traffic farming.
  • Bins - Pressurised 2.0mm thick Zincanneal bins with 500mm2openings with pivoting air tight lids.
  • Platforms & Handrails - Strong, sturdy and non-slip platforms and ladders with safe handrails.
  • Ground Drive & Gearbox - Multi gear selection for easy, positive sowing rate changes.  Magnetic clutch standard on all ground drive models.
  • Hoppers - Single or Double tier hopper with removable metering cartridge.  Grain Discharge chute for calibration and unloading.
  • Quick Release - Primary hose quick release coupler and hydraulic breakaway couplers as standard.
  • Distributor Heads - Gyral's mechanical distributor head assembly for accurate distribution. Single or dual head assemblies available.
  • Fan & Cooler - Fan and Oil Cooler fitted standard to all seeders. Fan air intake is through the oil cooler. This helps to maintain normal hydraulic operating temperature and to assist in dehumidifying the air stream, improving the handling of fertilisers.
  • Hectare Metre - Mechanical Hectare Metre positioned so that it can be easily read when calibrating.

Optional Equipment

Modern Design and Shape

  • 2 or 3 Bin Configuration with Small Seeds Box optional
  • Bins Sizes - 1000kg, 1300kg, 1800kg, 2400kg, 3000kg & 4000kg .
  • Heavy Duty Structural Channel Frame.
  • Gyral Patented Pressurised Bins.
  • Heavy Duty Bin Construction - 2.0mm Zincanneal.
  • Gyral's own multi-range Gearbox.
  • Gyral's own Distributor Heads.
  • Hinged Heavy Duty Bin Lids for positive seal.
  • Safe and Sturdy Ladders and walk-through Platforms.
  • Mechanical Distributor Head Assembly for accurate distribution.
  • Range of Tyre Options.
  • Ground Drive utilises Right Angle Gear Boxes and Shafts to minimise drive chains.
  • Standard Oil Cooler and Air Intake design helps dehumidify seed delivery system.
  • New Colour - a change from the traditional Gyral Yellow!

Improved Use of Ease

  • Gearbox and Calibration controls located on the side of the seeder for ease of use
  • Primary Hose Quick Release Coupler Assembly and Hydraulic Breakaway Couplers now standard on all seeders.
  • New Strong seeder chassis allows for excellent under frame clearance.
  • Large hinged air tight bin lids.
  • Electro-Magnetic clutch standard on all seeders.
  • Seed Sowing Chart on the Calibration cover - always at  your fingertips.
  • Hectare metre standard on all seeders to assist calibration.
  • Over centre locking swinging bottom door for ease of calibration and emptying bins.
  • Hopper Grain Discharge Chute standard on all seeders to assist with calibration and emptying bins.
  • Maintenance made easy with Gyral's seed metering system in a removable cartridge.

Easy to Upgrade Options & Change Configuration

  • Change Wheel Centres - Bolt-on Rear Axle Extensions & Interchangeable Front Axle.
  • Change from single system to split system with simple interchangeable hopper bottom section.
  • Bolt-on Small Seeds Box available in 200kg and 400kg
  • Bin Sight Glasses available as optional.
  • Multi-Inlet Air Diffusers available as optional.
  • Bolt-on Load/Unload Auger with dual hydraulic controls available as optional.

Improved Safety

  • Fully enclosed handrail Assembly standard on all seeders.
  • Fold away non-slip ladder with full handrail assembly standard on all seeders.
  • Non-slip walk through platforms standard on all seeders.
  • All drive chains and working mechanisms fully enclosed with bolt-on guards - makes seeder safe to use but easy to maintain.
  • Work Light kit available as optional.